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Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park

Covers 293.00 acres

12138 N. Lamar Blvd., 78753

Barbeque Pits - 6
Basketball Courts - 2
Off-Leash Dog Area - 1
Picnic Shelters - 1
Picnic Tables - 26
Playgrounds - 1
Reservable Facilities - 1 (info)
Softball Fields - 5
Swimming Pools - 1
Trail Miles - 15.
Volleyball Courts - 1

Walnut Creek Park features a large off-leash area and a multitude of hilly, meandering trails popular with mountain bikers. Austin Ridge Riders has adopted the trail area.

Scenery at Walnut Creek ParkPlayground at Walnut Creek Metro ParkWalnut Creek park trailsWalnut Creek park trailsPoland meets TexasTrail leading to "tangle of trails" winter beautyWalnut Creek Metropolitan Park trailI like this place and could willingly waste my time in it.Butterfly at Walnut CreekI <3 Walnut Creek Metropolitan ParkBluebonnetphoto by Jim HatchCrystal Clear Watersmy dog carly as rain begins to fall on walnut creek. Picture is taken on 35mm film

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In 2007, the group undertook to add signage to mark the often confusing pathways. A grant from Austin Parks Foundation paid for over 100 trail markers, and the group has put in countless hours designing and implementing the marking system.