#ACLRocks Day 9 – Bartholomew Park

#ACLRocks Day 9 – Bartholomew Park

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Bartholomew Park has a long history of caring neighbors who will put in great effort to support their park. These neighbors came to APF in 2006 and 2007 to help them re-vamp an aging play scape that was seeing increased use from the growing neighborhood. With help from the ACL Music Festival Grants program APF was able to give the beloved park a new play area, complimented by new trees that were planted with the help of APF volunteers on our city-wide workdays.

In 2010 and 2011 APF and ACL were again able to help Bartholomew Park when we supported the installation of a new mural, more trees and upgraded landscaping. Most recently, Bartholomew neighbors, aided by an ACL Music Festival grant, installed new shade structures over the recently renovated play scapes.

Today, the Bartholomew play scape is bustling year-round and the neighborhood children are able to run, jump and slide even in the heat of summer.