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No need to wait for a volunteer event to help Austin's parks!

Since our founding in 1992, volunteerism has been at the core of Austin Park Foundation’s work enhancing and supporting our city’s nearly 300 parks. Traditionally this has meant serving in-person and in large groups, but that is by no means the only way to give of your time and talents. We want to empower YOU to show our parks some love. 

The examples below are safe and effective ways to improve our parks, even at a distance. More than ever before, Austinites are recognizing the importance of parkland, and we are excited to engage volunteers through some new and non-traditional opportunities.

By offering opportunities for you to serve, we can continue to foster a community that recognizes the indispensable role parks play in bringing people together. Help us measure your impact in the parks by filling out this form when you're done!

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If you need confirmation of hours served, please reach out before doing any activities, and we can work with you to set up more formal hours confirmation.

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Evergreen Volunteer Opportunities

This list is by no means comprehensive and some activities require being physically present in a park, while others do not. We ask that if you are completing any of these activities to please do so as safely as possible (think protective equipment like gloves, trash grabbers, etc). Don't forget to share your impact with us through this form!

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While you give back, we want to make sure you know you are not alone. Please share your photos and stories with us by using #PeoplePlusParks and tagging Austin Parks Foundation on social media.

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