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It seemed like a perfect day for swimming, so I paid a visit to Twin Falls. When I saw how parked up it was, I almost turned back – but then I thought, there’s plenty of room in the creek – how bad can it be. Hiking down the trail, things seemed to be in pretty good shape. (A lot of folks must be bringing trash bags and cleaning up after less conscientious park-users. Thanks folks!)

As my friends and I neared the falls area, we could hear a loud roar – no, not the water – the crowds. The water was high and fast, so few rocks were exposed. Most people were standing waist deep or so, drinking beer, blaring boom boxes and enjoying the water. While AC/DC and inebriation have their place, it’s not my idea of a relaxing afternoon atmosphere. We kept hiking to see if we could find a more peaceful area.

Sure enough, a short way upstream was quiet, with just a few folks relaxing on shore and the occasional passing kayak. Perfect, I thought. We stowed our stuff and jumped in. Only to find ourselves being swept rapidly downstream! I grabbed onto a tree branch and pulled myself into a little cove. The tallest of us found a rock to stand on, and pulled the third member of our group over to the shore. We did some swimming in place, then pulled ourselves out. Maybe it wasn’t a perfect day for swimming after all.

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  1. I dunno. I thought that it was a pretty dang good day despite the noise and the crowd. Much better than a day with no swimming!

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