How To Fundraise for APF on Facebook & Instagram

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Fundraising for Austin Parks Foundation on Facebook and Instagram is easy, simple and fast! You can fundraise for APF for your birthday or other holidays and special events in your life. Here's how you can support Austin's parks, trails and green spaces with Facebook and Instagram:


1. Click "Create"

Find the “Create” button located to the right of your Home button at the top of your Facebook page.

2. Next, click “Fundraiser"

3. Select "Nonprofit"

4. Search for APF

Search for Austin Parks Foundation, and you should see APF’s page with our hummingbird logo appear.

5. Customization

You can customize the title of your fundraiser as well as the description. Here’s an example that you can copy and paste or use as a guide if you’d like! Here are some templates for a title and description to work with:


Help me support Austin’s parks, trails and green spaces!


As someone who loves spending time outdoors in Austin, I know that there’s a lot of park land in this city. Although Austin is constantly recognized as one of America’s best cities to live in, we are ranked 42nd in how well we meet our residents’ need for parks!


Instagram recently added a feature that allows you to make a fundraiser on an Instagram story!

1. Select a Picture to Post

We suggest choosing a picture of your favorite park!

2. Add a Fundraiser Sticker

Fundraisers can now be added as a sticker! Just open up the sticker selections and click on "Donation."

3. Search for APF

Search and select Austin Parks Foundation!

 4. Edit the Title

Write your own, or use one of ours below!

Here are some title ideas:

Help me support Austin’s parks, trails and green spaces!

Make Austin healthier, greener and more accessible!

Support equitable access to great parks for all Austinites!

You Rock!

From everyone at Austin Parks Foundation, thank you for supporting our mission of maintaining Austin's parks, trails, and green spaces. Your willingness to advocate and fundraise for APF on social media means the world to us!

Whether you're posting a fundraiser or not, don't forget to tag us in your posts so we can see your awesome park photos. Be sure to connect with us on social:

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