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The Impact Grant is intended to support large, community-initiated, physical park improvement projects, as well as master plan implementations and place-making. One grant for $100,000 is awarded annually through a highly competitive process with a grant period of 24 months. Check out our Community and Neighborhood Grants for smaller projects. Below are the specific requirements and some helpful information for those interested in applying for the Impact Grant.

Potential applicants should attend a grants info session before applying. When you are ready to apply, please click the button below to access the application.

To download a paper template of the application, click here. Use the template for planning purposes only and submit answers to the form above when ready.



Q: What types of projects are funded?

The Impact Grant will support physical improvement projects on land owned and managed by the City of Austin Parks & Recreation Department, including master plan implementation and place-making projects.

Q: What types of projects are preferable?

A: Preference will be given to projects that

  • Encourage community participation at the park
  • Give the community a sense of ownership of & commitment to the park
  • Fill a need not otherwise being met in the neighborhood
  • Reach a diverse user group and encourage positive use of the park
  • Have broad community support
  • Help improve parks that haven't recently received funding from APF, especially in historically underserved areas of town
  • Include a strong matching component, including volunteer labor, in-kind contributions, and a substantial cash match from new/recent fundraising
Q: Who should apply?

A: Adopt-A-Park groups are welcome to apply, as well as neighborhood associations and other park stakeholder groups.

Q: When should we apply?

A: All potential applicants are strongly encouraged to attend a grants information class prior to applying (check our calendar page for upcoming sessions). Applications are due October 30. All proposed projects on city-owned parkland must have an approved Community-Activated Park Project form on file with the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department. Additionally, proposed projects on parks jointly-owned and maintained by Austin ISD and the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department must have an approved Schoolyard Improvement Project form on file with Austin ISD.

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