Project Playback: Native Plants Reintroduced to Barton Springs Pool

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Aquatic native plant life helps improve Barton Spring’s ecosystem

March 22nd marks World Water Day, so we are highlighting projects at Barton Springs Pool, one of our city’s favortie swimming holes! The most recent project at this beloved aquatic gem was partially funded by our grants program.

Grant Funding in 2016

A 2016 community grant went toward the purchase of native aquatic plants. These native plants play a vital role in Barton Springs’ ecosystem, and the lives of the many species that call Barton Springs home, including the Barton Springs salamander.

Flooding that occurred in the fall of 2015 resulted in the native plant life being ripped from it’s roots. These plants are essential for holding down soil and controlling algae growth. Without native plant life, the endangered Barton Springs Salamander will not thrive. The salamander, which lives only in Barton Springs, needs clean and clear water in order to survive.

In addition to the 2016 community grant, Barton Springs Pool also received a neighborhood grant from APF in 2016. This grant helped purchase tools needed to clean the pool, which is also an essential part of maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Keeping Barton Springs’ water clean is helpful to all; the animals that call it home as well as the countless people that visit every year.

Preserving the Pool’s Legacy

In addition to these 2016 grants, APF has invested significant funding in Barton Springs Pool, dating back to 2010 and earlier. From cleaning supplies to a significant gift to the upcoming bathhouse renovations, Austin Parks Foundation is committed to preserving Barton Springs Pool for every Austinite.

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