New Fence at Palm Park

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Palm Park, also known as Sir Swante Palm Park, in downtown Austin, is an east side of downtown park that was cut off from its neighborhood when 1-35 was built.


We at the Austin Park Foundation, together with our great partners, Texas Gas Service (TGS), have been working to start rehabilitating some portions of the park in the last year. In 2008, TGS removed the old cracked tennis court and we brought 20 truckloads of soil and then another 15 truckloads of mulch to cover up that area.  (We also spread wildflower seeds but they haven’t sprouted yet, thanks to a very dry fall/winter/spring so far.  In 2009, for the March 7 It’s My Park Day, installed a great looking cedar rail fence along 220 feet of right of way where people had been parking in the park itself.  As you can see from the pictures, the fence looks good and is keeping people from parking in the park at least.


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