New Neighbor Coming to Republic Square: Federal Courthouse

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Congressman Lloyd Doggett’s office announced yesterday that the federal stimulus package passed by Congress in late winter will fund the new federal courthouse at San Antonio and 5th St, right across the street from Republic Square, where the foundation has just completed Phase 1 of improvements to the park, with phase two coming soon.  The General Services Administration (GSA) which oversees construction and operation of federal buildings is currently working to get the contractor on board and we can expect construction to begin later in 2009.  As a result of an agreement with the City of Austin, the 400 block of San Antonio St, which currently separates the courthouse site from Republic Square will become a public plaza and will serve as the new home for the weekly Austin Farmers Market.


The Republic Square Partners group (a group of landowners, city, federal, non-profits and businesses that met monthly) will continue to work to make sure that the park continues to improve and that the San Antonio Plaza is a great addition to our public space integrating Republic Square and the new courthouse.

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