New Year. New Logo.

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For over 20 years, the Austin Parks Foundation (APF) has been connecting people and parks in Austin. In 2014, APF is starting off fresh with a new look and tagline that reflects our efforts—a depiction of a hummingbird and the line “People Plus Parks.”
There are many reasons why the hummingbird is a perfect symbol for APF. The hummingbird is well known for being exceptionally nimble. Likewise, APF strives to be a nimble organization serving the community and working daily to respond to the unique needs of each of Austin’s parks. With the wide gap between what our parks need and what our parks department can afford, APF must be quick to respond to challenges as well as spot and take advantage of opportunities.
The hummingbird is also a great pollinator, and symbolizes the Foundation’s role in spreading new ideas and positively contributing to Austin’s park ecosystem.  Though APF is a small organization, we are able to develop and maintain parks, trails, and open spaces in Austin and Travis County by building both public and private partnerships.
In addition to the hummingbird logo, the new tagline, “People Plus Parks,” perfectly summarizes the APF mission: We connect people to resources and partnerships to develop and improve parks. With 19,000+ acres of parkland in the area, APF’s job is not always easy, but each year, with the help of our community, we are able to generate millions of dollars in volunteer time, in-kind donations, and financial support for our city parks.
The Austin Parks Foundation is eager to continue our work and to keep pushing forward—we believe our new look reflects the progress we hope to make in 2014 and beyond.

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