The Next Generation of Park Lovers

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Little Hummingbird Society, one of our newest programs, is bridging the gap between kids and our parks and helping us create the next generation of park lovers here in Austin. Parks are the places that we go to feel connected to nature and our community. From volunteer workdays, to grant projects, there is so much that APF has done to help improve and maintain the parks. Until recently though, we didn’t have much to help kids feel connected to the parks too. Getting future generations invested in the parks from an early age is beneficial to all – that’s why we’ve launched a new club just for kids – Little hummingbird Society!

Joining Little Hummingbird Society

With benefits like exclusive merchandise and volunteer events to seasonal activity booklets, Little Hummingbirds of all ages are sure to love this park-focused group. In addition to building a sense of community through Little Hummingbird activities, kids will also reap the physical and mental health benefits of getting out into the parks.

LHS Membership Fees:

  • $10/month for 1 child
  • $17/month for 2 children
  • $17/month + $5 for each additional child

Membership fees directly support the work Austin Parks Foundation is doing to improve and enhance Austin’s 300+ parks and provide access to great parks, trails, and green spaces for every Austinite.

Join Little Hummingbird Society today, and help us keep our parks, trails and green spaces green for the next generation!