Oyster Boot Camp @ Republic

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23 people came out for the free Oyster Boot Camp, a trial run of the Austin Oyster Adventure Race scheduled for October 11th.  While I was there, I snapped a photo of the sign for our Auction Oaks deck project.


Folks at the Boot camp did the following:

1) Obtained 24 coffee beans.

2) Biked and took photos of either the Philosphers Rock at Barton Spring Pool or the Mustang Sculpture at UT.

3) Took a picture with a police officer waving at the camera.

4) Gathered 24 pieces of trash at Town Lake or ate the previously gathered 24 coffee beans.

And a few other tasks.  Folks finished up within 90 minutes, the real course on October 11th will run 3-5 hours on average.

More info on the Austin Oyster. Proceeds benefit the Austin Parks Foundation.

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