Parkland Dedication Ordinance Changes Update

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The Austin City Council held a public hearing and vote on proposed changes to the Parkland Dedication Ordinance at the City Council session on June 7th, but did not vote on the ordinance due to a snag in how the agenda item was posted for action. So, the council will vote on at their next regular session on Thursday, June 21st. We’ll keep you posted.

But to recap, on May 25, the Austin Parks Foundation Board of Directors approved the following statement of support for the proposed changes to the City of Austin Parkland Dedication Ordinance:

The Austin Parks Foundation supports broadening the application of the Parkland Dedication Ordinance to apply to all residential developments of four or more units, at a fee level that supports abundant, vibrant parks. The city of Austin should not reduce the parks and recreation budget to offset amounts raised by the ordinance. We support fees being used on capital improvement projects or on parkland acquisition within the neighborhood planning area, or, if no neighborhood plan exists, within a one-mile radius of the fee area.

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