Shoal Creek and Pease a Little Less Invasive

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Between Friday Oct 17 and Sat Oct 18, we had over 60 volunteers come out and help us cut down and peel back a lot of chinaberry trees as well as numerous vines, weeds and other items along a stretch of the Shoal Creek Greenbelt and Pease Park, from roughly Kingsbury St where the hike and bike bridge crosses the creek on the southern end of Pease Park down to the Lamar St Bridge underpass.  Thanks to Volunteers from the neighborhood, Dell, Crockett High School and UT for their help which involved a lot of hauling and dragging the cut logs, trees and mass o vines to the pick up spot on Kingsbury.  The city’s solid waste crews picked up two 18-wheeler truckloads on Friday afternoon and another truckload on Monday.  Not bad!  Here’s a picture of me in front of the Friday pile (2 18-wheeled truck loads worth)  All of the brush will become Dillo Dirt!

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