Coming Home: Anif & Anum’s Butler Park Love Story

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The Master Plan Nothing says meant-to-be like meeting someone from home over a thousand miles away. Anif and Anum both left the beautiful state of Texas headed to New York City early in their careers. Their love story began in 2016 when two Texans met a mutual friend for dinner on New Years Day. Their love story began in 2016 …

People + Parks: Raise a Glass to this APF Donor

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By Elizabeth McGuire To be perfectly clear, Matt Luckie would rather not talk about himself. He would rather not pose for a photo or elaborate on all the ways he is contributing to the community. He loves Austin and a good cause, but truth be told, he would much rather shine the spotlight anywhere else besides himself. Fortunately for us, …

People + Parks: Turning Grief into Goodness

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By Elizabeth McGuire When faced with a mountain of grief, one couple found a way to move through it with the help of their friends and their parks. Alexandra Rodriguez and Christopher McBryde are the kind of dog owners who every pup deserves. In 2012 they rescued a 3-month-old Australian cattle dog, and from then on Bailey rarely left their …