Victory at City Hall: Essential Funds for Parks Added to the City Budget

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It’s been a tough year for Austin’s parks. Already perennially underfunded, Austin’s parks and trails systems have been inundated, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Tens of thousands of new users, overwhelming some of Austin’s most beloved parks, have taken their toll. Whether it be habitat degradation, increased littering and pollution, or just the daily wear and tear from thousands of visitors, …

Investing in Parks: Austin’s Parks + Trails as Economic Drivers

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On April 7th, the civic world in Austin seemed to halt for a few brief moments. John Hockenyos, an Austin based economist, delivered a less-than-rosy economic impact update to Austin’s City Council in the wake of COVID-19. “I’m hoping that is a slightly pessimistic scenario, but I think it is a realistic scenario,” Hockenyos said.  The scenario predicted Great Depression …

Austin ParkScore Changes

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Last month, the Trust for Public Land published its annual ParkScore index; a ranking of the top 100 largest U.S cities parks. TPL determines the rankings by looking at factors like accessibility, funding, integrity and resources. For 2018, some of last year’s hard work on advocacy and public participation helped Austin move up four spots to #42. Compared to other …