Savvy Stewardship: Volunteerism as Critical Parks Care


Volunteerism is critical to the health of our parks, and coordinated efforts between park stewards and city staff can lead to incredible positive outcomes in Austin’s natural spaces. Join Jerry Levenson and David Todd – veteran park stewards, Patrick Chaiken – City of Austin Park Ranger Program, James Duff – City of Austin Wildfire Division, and Barry Rivera – Volunteer …

Next Generation: Youth Leadership & Environmentalism


Asvini Thivakaran is an award-winning environmental activist and 6th-grade student at Brushy Creek Elementary. Join Austin Parks Foundation as we chat with Asvini about her mission to save the environment, how kids can get involved in big and small ways, and how Little Hummingbird Society is helping get kids engaged in protecting our parks and our planet!

Parks Are Essential: Budgeting to Reflect Austin’s Values


Every Summer, Austin has the opportunity to prioritize city assets like parks, transportation and housing through the City’s budgeting process. It is often said that “budgets are moral documents.” But how do budgets truly impact public amenities like parks, programming and the people who enjoy and rely on them? APF’s Advocacy Manager – Tom Visco, will lead a conversation with …

Six Feet A-Park: How Safely Using Our Parks Can Keep Them Open


Parks have always been an essential part of our identity as Texans, but their importance is crystal clear during this time of social distancing. As the weather warms up and some restrictions ease, it’s important for us to be mindful of how we can safely continue using parks to sustain our mental and physical health. Hear from Kimberly McNeely, Director …

Talking Trails: Urban Trails and Bikeways as Essential Infrastructure


Now more than ever, Austinites appreciate their urban trails. The Shoal Creek, Boggy Creek and many other trails across the city, are seeing increased use as Austinites seek fresh air and a dose of nature. Austin’s urban trails system is providing physical and mental health benefits in some of the most picturesque parts of Austin. But how is this important …

Project Playback: Building Connections on the Copperfield Nature Trails

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The Friends of Copperfield Nature Trails (FCNT) is a volunteer-based community of friendly neighbors who care and are dedicated to improving the Copperfield Neighborhood in Northeast Austin. FCNT focuses on improving the Copperfield Nature Trails with general maintenance, clean ups and much more. It’s groups like these that keep Austin parks alive and well, and Austin Parks Foundation is proud …