The Great Indoors: Nature Films for Adventuring in Place

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COVID-19 has changed how we do things, and your safety is our priority. Please keep social distancing best practices in mind if you choose to visit parks, trails and green spaces. Thanks, y'all!

We're all dreaming of a world where we can flock to the world's most beautiful natural spaces. But since we're unable to travel, your friends at Austin Parks Foundation gathered these films and docuseries so you can have an adventure from your couch, kitchen table or desk chair!

Your journey will take you from the Texas Hill Country to destinations all over the world.  Start your nature adventure by learning more about Texas' land and wildlife on YouTube or get more of a global perspective on Netflix!

Just for fun: Enjoy history? Check out Austin The Friendly City, a film made by the Austin Chamber of Commerce in 1943, to be transported back to Austin over 80 years ago. What buildings and parts of town do you recognize?

Nature Films + Docuseries on YouTube

There's no better time to learn about Texas' national parks and wildlife while we're spending more time at home. Below you'll find tours of Big Bend and Guadalupe Mountains National Parks, an uplifting story from the Texas Hill Country as well as a look into the mysterious mountain lions of West Texas. Who's ready to learn more about the Lone Star State?


PBS + Texas Parks and Wildlife

Ready to take a journey to Far West Texas? In this PBS documentary, you'll learn about the history, wildlife and terrain of the 800,000 acre Big Bend National Park. Check out this tour of Big Bend in 1964 for a look back in time or Texas Parks and Wildlife's live stream for more videos of Texas.

50 Years Ago, This Was a Wasteland. He Changed Everything.

National Geographic

David Bamberger, co-founder of Church's Fried Chicken, has spent over 50 years restoring one of the roughest parts of the Texas Hill Country. Check out the progress and the full story, don't miss out on seeing the transformation! Learn more about David's story here.

Lions of west texas

Fin & Fur Films

This is Texas... no Tiger Kings needed here. The elusive mountain lions of West Texas are full of mystery and move silently through the night. Ben Masters of Fin & Fur Films lives in Austin and has created a great selection of short films on nature and wildlife in Texas! See more of their work here.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

GoTraveler on Discovery Channel

Nestled next to the Texas and New Mexico Border in the Chihuahuan Desert lies Guadalupe Mountains National Park. This 100 sq. mile park includes the highest peaks in Texas and allows you the opportunity to walk across dry land that was once the ocean floor. One New York Times article says Guadalupe Mountains National Park has the reputation of being a hikers paradise, and deservedly so.

Nature Films + Docuseries on Netflix

Time to get comfy on the couch or boot up a Netflix Party! You'll want to check out these 6 nature films and docuseries to help you cope with sheltering-in-place blues.


No Netflix, No Problem: Some of Netflix's nature films & docuseries are available to the public on YouTube as we're sheltering in place for COVID-19.

Night on Earth

Some animals operate best in the darkness of night - they were unseen until now.

Watch on netflix

Our Planet

Earth is magnificent. Check out many of our planet's gorgeous regions in this docuseries.

Watch on netflix

National Park Adventure

Are you ready for an adventure? This film takes you through a few National Parks in the US!

Watch on netflix

72 Cutest Animals

Because who doesn't enjoy cute animals! Did we mention there's 72 of them?

Watch on netflix

Mission Blue

Can we save the world's oceans from over-fishing and toxic waste? Let's find out.

Watch on netflix


As human populations grow, our relationship with plants and animals changes over time.

Watch on netflix

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All of us are spending more time at home than we're used to, that's for sure. We want to help! Head over to our blog page for more fun activities like Nature Play 101 for kids or How to Be Your Best Self at Home!

Do you love Austin's trails? You'll want to check out Active Transportation + Project Connect in the Time of COVID-19. We talked trails live with other local environmental conservatories as well as the City of Austin Transportation and Public Works departments.

Thank you for visiting, and we hope you enjoy some of these nature films and docuseries. Find APF on social media and let us know your favorites!


Featured photo of Big Bend National Park from National Parks Foundation

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