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I stopped by West Austin Park last weekend. There’s a renegade garden growing by the kiddie pool with beautiful flowers and ripening cherry tomatoes. What a nice gift to the neighborhood! (I probably shouldn’t say that if it is really renegade… let’s pretend I didn’t.) The main attraction, for me, though, was checking out the newly terraced off-leash area.

West Austin Park has one of the only fenced off-leash areas in the city. It’s on a steep hillside. For the past few years, the Canine Social Club has been fund raising, planning and agitating to complete a terracing project. The new terraces protect the trees from erosion and will hopefully prevent the park from turning to mud every time it rains.

Dog parks really bring people together, don’t they? The couple times I’ve been to the park, I’ve noticed the amazing sense of community present there. Everyone said hello, remembered each others names and the names of their dogs, checked in about neighborhood news, and relaxed while their dogs frolicked. A nice Austin experience. If you want to stop by, the park is on 9th St, west of Lamar.

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