Park Design Services

Austin Parks Foundation is thrilled to offer Park Design services for Adopt-A-Park groups that are looking to make improvements to their parks. Whether you are looking for a little guidance with an on-site consultant or you need help you with long range planning, we are now offering a range of design resources that will help you with your favorite park’s design needs.

Park Design services are intended to provide design options to Adopt-A-Park groups at every scale, and are in complete coordination with the City of Austin’s Parks & Recreation Department.


General Park Consultation

General on-site consultation to provide Adopt-A-Park groups with guidance for next steps on any park project. General Park Consultations give park adopters the chance to consult with the Austin Parks Foundation Design Team.

APF's Design Team will schedule an on-site consultation to provide general guidance for any of your park improvement projects or ideas.

General Park Consultation FAQ's

Detailed Park Design

Intended to help park adopters prepare their park improvement project for grant applications. Design work includes feasibility, design refinement, and cost estimating. Documents provided by Austin Parks Foundation’s Design Team will allow you to seek funding and provide your group with a project to solicit preliminary bids for construction.

Detailed Park Design FAQs

Overall Park Planning

Led by Austin Parks Foundation’s Design Team, this planning process guides Adopt-A-Park groups through visioning and creating an official park concept plan. The park planning and visioning process gives Adopt-A-Park groups access to professional designers. By working together and committing to meaningful public engagement, APF and the project team will encourage park users and community members to express the hopes and needs for their park. The community will form a consensus to drive the design of the plan and phasing. The overall park plan will be a useful tool for raising funds and providing next steps for implementation.

The design offering will include all documentation for the plan to be submitted to the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department, in hopes of official adoption as a “Concept Plan”, which can lead directly into development of the park or portion of the park if funding is available. (Previously offered as Park Master Planning. Name of design offering has been changed to match terminology that the City of Austin - Parks and Recreation Department implemented on August 3, 2020) 

Overall Park Planning FAQs