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What is Groundbreakers?

Groundbreakers is Austin Parks Foundation's leadership giving circle, made up of generous donors who provide support for the general operations of our organization.

Groundbreakers membership starts at $1,200 per year and can be made as a one-time or monthly donation. Each level of Groundbreakers offers unique benefits to keep you informed and bring you closer to our mission!

What difference will my gift make? A world of difference.

In our increasingly dense city, where health and a sense of connection are of the utmost importance, the need for parks has never been more urgent. The lack of adequate public funding makes it even more difficult to keep up with necessary maintenance of our over-loved green spaces, and when it comes to ensuring that all Austinites have access to parks in their neighborhoods, our city is missing the mark. But we can do better, and we need you to help us do it.

At Austin Parks Foundation, we rely on the generosity of our community to help deliver on our mission, and Groundbreakers are integral to our success. In 2020, this group contributed 65% of our yearly fundraising total for unrestricted support and served as advocates for the work we do across Austin.

Groundbreakers – and the generous dollars they contribute – make the difference between just being good enough and providing what the people of Austin truly deserve.

Your annual Groundbreakers gift directly supports the preservation and improvement of our valued green spaces in the following ways:

groundbreakers help us continue our biggest fundraisers


groundbreakers help us hire the best of the best


APF's groundbreakers support our work in Austin's parks


Gift Levels and Benefits
Groundbreakers recognizes and celebrates donors who make Austin Parks Foundation a philanthropic priority! Besides the warm, fuzzy feeling you get from doing good on behalf of your city, each gift level offers unique benefits to keep you informed and bring you closer to APF’s mission. And the swag is pretty cool, too!
Groundbreakers at the Bronze level receive stellar member benefits!
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Groundbreakers at the Silver level get all Bronze benefits and more. 1992 was APF's founding year!
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Groundbreakers at the Gold level get all Silver benefits and more!
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Groundbreakers at the Platinum level get all Gold benefits and more!
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Groundbreakers at the Diamond level get all Platinum benefits and more!
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Groundbreakers at the Emerald level get all Diamond benefits and more!
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Frequently Asked Questions
Gifts made to Austin Parks Foundation’s general, unrestricted fund count toward your Groundbreakers membership. This includes yearly or monthly contributions made online or through our mailed appeals and does not include gifts made to Party for the Parks, Little Hummingbird Society, or Capital Campaigns.

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The Robinette Family

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