Austin Parks Foundation is spearheading an alliance of residents, park adopters and organizations from across the city to ask that Austin’s parks, trails and green spaces receive more funding in the upcoming bond and the City of Austin’s FY19 budget.

While Austin appears at the top of almost every “best of” list, ParkScore - by the Trust for Public Land - ranked Austin 42 out of the 100 most populous U.S. cities for how well we meet our residents’ needs for parks. That’s why we need YOU to speak up for Austin’s cherished public spaces.

Understanding the Needs

Austin has an amazing parks system. We have 300+ parks, 227 miles of trails and more than 20,000 acres of green space. Our parklands provide vital green space and wildlife habitat, and keep our environment healthy. Parks and trails also have tremendous economic, health, ecological and educational benefits. Unfortunately, annual investments in Austin parks are not keeping pace with the needs of our growing city.

Austin currently spends $108 per resident on maintenance and enhancements, while the top 10 ranked cities on ParkScore spend $208 per resident. Repairs and renovations to aging park infrastructure are desperately needed. You can help us advocate for more funding to take care of these cherished public spaces!

APF's Policy platform
Austin Parks Foundation's advocacy efforts and our ask of City Council are guided by a few key policy principles. Feel free to use this platform when creating your own communications to city council and letting them know why parks funding is a priority to you. Read more here.


We sent out a candidate questionnaire to every City Council and Mayoral candidate running in the November 6th election. Check back frequently as responses are being updated as they are returned.

District 1:
Mariana Salazar
Vincent Harding
Natasha Harper-Madison

District 3:
James Valadez
Jessica Cohen
Justin Jacobson

District 8:
Bobby Levinski
Rich DePalma

District 9:
Danielle Skidmore
Kathie Tovo
Linda O'Neal

Alexander Strenger
Laura Morrison
Steve Adler
Travis Duncan

What's the latest on the budget?
City Council has approved increases for many parks needs in the FY19 budget. Learn more about the next steps in our latest blog.

What's the latest on the bond?
City council has recommended $149M in parks funding in the 2018 bond! See the re-cap video below, and learn more about the next steps in our latest blog.

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