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Austin’s parks system faces critical funding shortfalls which are holding back our parks from being the best they can be. We work to close this gap, improving parks for every Austinite through funding and advocacy.

Austin Parks Foundation’s advocacy is critical to the health of Austin’s parks system. We demand equitable funding for Austin’s parks system, and we need your help to make this a reality.


Thank you, Austin City Council!

Essential Funds for Parks Added to the City Budget for the 2020-21 Fiscal Year!

It’s been a tough year for Austin’s parks in 2020. Already perennially underfunded, Austin’s parks and trails systems have been inundated, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Tens of thousands of new users, overwhelming some of Austin’s most beloved parks, have taken their toll. Whether it be habitat degradation, increased littering and pollution, or just the daily wear and tear from thousands of visitors, our parks are worse for wear. 

As of August 13th, however, that is beginning to change. Spearheaded by Council Members Paige Ellis, Natasha Harper-Madison, Leslie Pool, and Alison Alter, Austin’s parks will soon be getting the reinforcements they justly deserve.

Nearly $2 million of new funding will be appropriated to PARD above the original budget proposed by the City Manager. This is a big win for Austin’s parks and trails! 

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Understanding What Our Parks Need

Austin has an amazing parks system. We have nearly 300 parks, 227 miles of trails and more than 20,000 acres of green space. Our parklands provide vital green space and wildlife habitat, and keep our environment healthy.

Parks and trails also have tremendous economic, health, ecological and educational benefits. Unfortunately, annual investments in Austin parks are not keeping pace with the needs of our growing city.

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Austin Parks Foundation's Policy Platform

Austin Parks Foundation's advocacy efforts and what we ask of City Council are guided by a few key policy principles. Feel free to use this platform when creating your own communications to city council and letting them know why parks funding is a priority to you. Read more here.