Fundraise for the Parks


What Is A Third-Party Fundraiser?

A third-party fundraiser is an event or initiative organized by an individual, company, or community organization that is not an official Austin Parks Foundation event but benefits Austin’s parks, trails and green spaces.

Acting independently and with APF’s approval, third party fundraisers are an important resource for raising funds and increasing awareness of the organization in our community.


Why Support Austin Parks Foundation?

We accomplish more when we work together, which is why partnering with our community is the core of all we do. You can play an important role in engaging our community by organizing a third party fundraiser in support of APF. These events and initiatives are a great way to broaden our support base, increase awareness about the opportunities we offer, and inspire people within your network to support something you're passionate about.

How We Can Support You


APF will provide fundraising and planning support. We will also help you refine your ideas and ensure that it is aligned with our organizational values and with the Austin community.


We can provide a DipJar (an easy-to-use donation collection machine) as well as donation forms that will make collecting funds easier and also provide you with constituent information.


Once approved, you will have access to our logo for your promotional use, APF branded materials (e.g. stickers,pens) and brochures to help you convey the importance of community efforts in supporting our parks.


You will be responsible for ensuring your supporters are thanked and donations are submitted to Austin Parks Foundation. In order for APF to provide tax receipts or acknowledgment letters, all donor information must be collected.

How You Can Support APF

Give Back Days

Join APF in our existing fundraising efforts! These special days are already marked in our social media calendar and newsletters. Days include: Earth Day, APF's Birthday, Giving Tuesday, and First Day of Fall!

Host An Event

Bring your community together through what you're passionate about! Host your own giveback event such as yoga in the park, a happy hour giveback, host a barbecue, and many more!

Online Fundraising

Have an online store? Donate a percentage of sales to APF! You can also encourage your friends/fans to give to APF via a social network, such as Facebook, to raise funds in lieu of birthday or anniversary gifts!

Give In Your Way

We'd love to hear your ideas! If you see an opportunity that aligns with both of our brands and missions, we would love to hear what you have in mind. Let's work together to help our parks!

Fundraiser Examples

We've partnered with many unique brands and local businesses in the Austin community to make a difference for Austin's parks, trails and green spaces! There are many ways to give including online store proceeds, percentage of sales givebacks, donating proceeds from tickets sales, and many more! Here are some examples of fundraisers:


Wheatsville Co-Op Giveback

Wheatsville is not only a proud sponsor of APF, but we were also elected by their owners as one of the eleven organizations in their Community Action Program. During the month of March, cash donations were collected at each register by rounding up dollar amounts at check out!


Kammok Online Giveback

Kammok is an awesome APF sponsor and participated in one of APF’s give back days by donating all proceeds that day from their Roo Single Camping Hammock!


Feel Good Pilates Donates Class Proceeds

Feel Good Pilates hosted donation-based classes all day for APF’s Birthday! 100% of proceeds from classes benefited APF and were collected via DipJar at the studio. Classes were sold out that day at Feel Good Pilates and was a great way to get your daily workout and support a meaningful cause!

4 Steps to Get Your APF Fundraiser Started

Step 1: Fundraising Tool Kit

Step 2: Tell Us About Your Event

Step 3: Talk About Next Steps

  • Hang tight! An APF staff member will reach out to you with next steps.

Step 4: Have A Great Fundraiser

  • Have an awesome Fundraiser supporting Austin's parks, trails and green spaces!