Project Volunteer FAQ


Q: How do I register to volunteer?

A: After creating a GivePulse account or logging in to your account, simply choose the project you are interested in, read the description, and then click register. You’ll enter your t-shirt size, and check off that you have read the linked Online​ Liability ​Waiver ​information. Once you’ve submitted these answers, you’re all set!

​Forty-eight hours before the project you will receive an email reminder with additional details. In case of heavy rain see “What Happens if it Rains” and you will be notified by email of the rain date.​

Q: Who can volunteer for a city-wide volunteer day?

A: Individuals, families, friends—everyone is welcome to volunteer. If a volunteer is 15-years-old or under, they must have their parent or guardian accompany them to the park project and sign a Minor Liability Waiver on the day of the event. Teens 16-18 can have a parent or guardian sign the minor liability waiver, present that waiver to the Park Project Leader at the beginning of the project start and can volunteer on their own.

Q: Can I earn service hours?

A: Yes, absolutely. If you know you will need documentation for your service hours, please request that form in advance by emailing

If you have your own form, bring it to your project, let your Project Leader know when you arrive that you are earning service hours and have them sign the form at the end of the project.

Q: Can I register for myself and guests?

A: Each person must register themselves within our new GivePulse system in order to sign the liability form, and so that each volunteer has access to their own account. This also gives project leaders access to contact info for each volunteer individually. If you require group registration, please email us at

Q: How do I pick a project?

A: We recommend either choosing a project in a park that is geographically close to where you live, or a type of project, like mulching or habitat restoration, that particularly interests you.

Q: Do I need to bring my own supplies?

A: When you sign up for a project you will see a note to dress for the weather, wear closed-toed shoes, bring a water bottle to refill and sun protection, like a hat. Bringing your own work gloves is strongly recommended, but we will have inexpensive work gloves for most volunteers. Should your volunteer leader need additional supplies for the project like wheelbarrows or shovels, you may receive an email closer to the day of the project, and if you have tools to bring, it always helps!

If you know that you are highly allergic to bee or wasp stings, bring your Epi-pen, the name and phone number of your doctor and notify the Project Leader in advance of the project.

If you know you are highly allergic to poison ivy, purchase and apply a preventative solution to exposed skin before you start working. If it is a project that may cause you to come in contact with poison ivy your Project Leader will have packets of Tecnu after-wash solution you can take home with you. Please follow the instructions on the packet.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Dress for the weather and the project—most require closed-toed shoes, long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Sun or rain protection is a great idea, depending on the weather.

Q: If I get lost who do I contact?

A: All projects have an address listed on their GivePulse page. Please be sure to look up the location prior to the day of the event. If it is still unclear to you where the meeting location is, please email your Project Leader at least one day before the event to make sure they have time to contact you.

Q: If I end up not being able to make it, what should I do?

A: If at all possible, please email your Project Leader in advance of your project start time that you can’t make it. You may also cancel your registration at anytime using the “Cancel Registration” button in the top right corner of the project page.

Q: What happens if it rains?

A: Most projects are rain (light or intermittent) or shine. If it is raining hard at the start time of a project, we wait an hour, and if it looks like it will not let up (major storm) then your project will happen the following day at the same time. Some Project Leaders have designated other dates as their rain date. If it rains all weekend, and you have a mulch project, please contact the Project Leader or keep an eye out for an email from them in order to reschedule the project.

Q: When will I be reminded of my project?

A: Volunteers receive an email reminder of their project registration a few days prior and the night before their project with the project information included. We also encourage you to make a note on your own calendar so you don’t forget!