Flood Stage on Shoal Creek

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We were headed south on Lamar Blvd toward downtown on Sat night when we noticed a huge wave of water and debris coursing down Shoal Creek at 29th St.  As we drove south we soon saw that we outpaced the leading edge of the wave.  So, we stopped at 9th St in Duncan Park and waited for the wave to arrive.  About 10 minutes later, at 6:35 pm, it arrived, quickly rising to eight feet (according to the USGS Flood Gauge at 12th St.) Wow – all of the debris: logs, wood, and sadly lots of trash.  This all came from upstream, as we only got a small amount of rain Saturday in Central Austin.  Here’s a picture from the 9th St bridge (sorry for the quality.)  The trail is under water at this point, at least for a few hours.

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Remember, even if its not raining on you, its raining somewhere else.  Be very careful – this time of year especially – along our creeks and trails.  Here’s a picture from Duncan Park as the wave rolled through.


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