Greenbelt Guardians Trail at Gus Fruh

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Greenbelt Guardians is a mostly neighborhood group that works to improve the trails at Gus Fruh and Homedale access trails. With the water running in the creek and two new swimming dogs (see picture below), we’ve been heading there evenings and mornings to check out the constant 100 cfs flow.

What’s really amazing is all of the work done by Greenbelt Guardians on the new Gus Fruh trail. So, the next time you’re walking down the trail, turn right, vs. going straight down the “old fall line mule trail” and enjoy the switch-backed, smooth surfaced trail that has been completely rebuilt over the past four years by Greenbelt Guardian volunteers. A lot of rock has been placed, gravel hauled and packed into place, and invasive trees and plants cut and pulled out. Its looking really good right now, so turn right and check it out!

Me with my dogs Jessie and Tugboat (on my lap) at Gus Fruh.

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