Honoring our Adopt-A-Park Team of the Year: Brentwood Park

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Brentwood Park has had a dedicated park adoption team for so long that it goes back before recorded history - APF history, anyway. You can count on Friends of Brentwood Park to run an It’s My Park Day project twice a year, every single year, and round up the best taco and coffee donations from neighborhood businesses to treat their huge volunteer groups. They consistently turn up for leader meetings and training opportunities to understand how to better support their parks, as well.

This year, they have a lot to be proud of, especially the completion of the playground renovation, funded by a $50,000 APF Community Grant in 2018, AND the more than $80,000 in matching funds they raised from the Brentwood community! Located just next door to Brentwood Elementary school, this long awaited playground will bring a lot of joy to families in the neighborhood.

Big impact projects like this are only possible when neighborhood groups like Friends of Brentwood Park team up with the city and partner organizations like APF to accomplish their vision. Huge congratulations to Bradley, Nancy, Diane, Denman, and the whole team. Great work, y'all!

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