Let’s Dance! 3 Dance Move Tutorials for Kids Ages 3-7


Featured photo by Gabby Orcutt from Unsplash

Are your kids ready to learn some new dance moves? APF is here to help! Check out these dance tutorials for choreography kids, mix-and-matchers and the freestylers out there. These videos are recommended for kids 3-7, but don't be afraid to join in on the fun.

We can't wait to bust a move with y'all at the Backyard Ball on Saturday, July 25th at 11am! DJ Mel, President Obama's favorite DJ, will be on the one's and two's spinning dance tunes for the whole family. Be sure to RSVP for information on how to join us. Ok, let's get to the dancing:

1. Moves for the Choreography Kids

This dance tutorial is for kids of all ages and experience levels! Learn a full dance to Kidz Bop's rendition of the smash hit song That's What I Like by Bruno Mars. Don't be afraid to add your own personal touch or try these moves with some of your favorite songs.

2. Moves for Freestylers

Learning a full dance routine isn't your kids' style, we totally get it. This video is for the kids who move (and dance) to the beat of their own drum. Grab your air guitars and drum sticks, it's time to rock out! Thanks to the Austin Parks and Recreation Department for creating this great content for kids.

3. Moves for the Mix-and-Matchers

This video is will help your kids learn the basics and create a style of their own.  From the Roly-Poly to the Baby Thumka, your kiddos will be equipped with a plethora of go-to moves.

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