Our Work

Want to see how we plan to grow our impact? Check out our Strategic Plan for 2021-23!
Austin Parks Foundation partners with our community to enhance people’s lives by making our public parks, trails and green spaces better through volunteerism, innovative programming, advocacy and financial support. Since 1992, we've envisioned a community in which the lives of all people are enriched through access to Austin’s well-maintained public parks, trails and green spaces.


We create programming like Movies in the Park and the Adopt-A-Park program to encourage use of public space and engage people in parks throughout the city.


We promote community leadership by providing people resources, and connecting them to partnerships and education so they can develop and improve their parks.


We finance projects large and small through strategic investments and our community-initiated grants program in order to make parks more equitable and accessible.

Our Commitment to Parks Equity

At APF we understand we have an important role to play in the long term sustainability of the city’s parks, trails and green spaces. The need for greater diversity both within the organization and through our projects and programs, as well as the importance on focusing efforts on equity and access to great parks for every Austinite is embedded within our work.

That's why our current strategic plan identifies supporting parks in historically underserved neighborhoods, by working with communities to address their needs and investing appropriate resources, as one of our overarching goals. Our parks are not immune from the racist policies and segregation of Austin's past and present. We aim to help change Austin's future.

Our Work Around Austin, TX

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