S2E2 Summit Sidebars: A Conversation with Outdoor Rep!

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Introducing Summit Sidebars: in-depth conversations with people and organizations dedicated to making parks and the outdoors more accessible. These audio-only episodes are Austin ParksCast exclusives, so be sure to listen today!

At Austin Parks Foundation, we love highlighting the work of other organizations committed to promoting access, inclusivity and diversity in the outdoors. Our guests today are the founders of Outdoor Rep, Rakhi Agrawal and Jack Schleifer! In their own words – they “aim to make the outdoors more accessible to members of low-income BIPOC communities by getting gear into peoples’ hands, and elevating the art, creations and voices of people of color in the outdoors.” Check out their website at outdoorrep.org for more info and to get involved!

Music & transitions provided by Honey Son. Check out his music on Spotify and YouTube!

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