Staff Picks: Our Team’s Favorite Episodes of the Austin ParksCast So Far

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With Season 3 of the Austin ParksCast coming soon, we thought it would be fun to ask the Austin Parks Foundation team about their favorite episodes of the podcast so far. Listen to our Staff Picks and learn more about why they chose them below!

Season 3 Episode 1 will be released in mid-February 2022 and features a conversation with Ian Ingram and Becky Wittsche - the local artists who painted the Zilker Eagle's new tunnel mural. We talk about their journey as artists, what public art means to them, their creative process for the new mural and much more. In the meantime, check out the episodes our team chose:

Our Favorite Episodes So Far

Barry Rivera

Volunteer Manager

I like Season 2 Episode 15 because Chuck is my main man. It also highlights what is, in my opinion, the heartbeat of our organization: dedicated park stewards. Chuck is a great example of someone who goes above and beyond for his park, all on his own time, and his community really has benefited from all his time and hard work.

Pam Taylor

Zilker Train Operations Manager

I chose Season 2 Episode 9 because Ricardo and Kathleen had such an interesting conversation about equality in Texas. They talk about its history, how parks fit into the communal space for LGBTQIA+ community members and the importance of keeping parks accessible and welcoming for everyone. Learn more about Equality Texas here!

Jayna Burgdorf

Chief Financial Officer

I really like Season 2 Episode 11 with Texas Two-Step instructor Beth Coffey!

Grant Ausbury

Digital Marketing Manager

I have many favorite episodes so far, but for the sake of the blog I'm choosing Season 2 Episode 6. I had a lot of fun getting to know Ken and learning about his artwork.

The Pillars Project in Rosewood Park is one of my favorite projects APF has been involved with, so it was cool to learn more about the pillar mural he painted. He is selling his artwork under the brand Highly Favored Art. Check out his work at

Colin Wallis

Chief Executive Officer

My favorite is Season 2 Episode 16 - mainly because I'm interested in all things Día de los Muertos. Learn more about the Austin Parks and Recreation Department's Museums and Cultural Programs Department here!

Kathleen Barron

Senior Programs Manager

I was so moved by the work that our guests have done to connect people to nature through ecotherapy practices, and their incredible insights into how nature inherently demonstrates the value of diversity in our world.

Carolina Madrid

Senior Development Coordinator

I liked this episode because it talked about something everyone is going through. I also enjoyed learning about eco and equine therapeutic experiences, and how to reach diverse groups of people in our city.

Podcasts that cover real problems going on in our community, and what listeners can do to help will help bring awareness to situations and how we can all work together to make Austin a better work to live, work, and play.

Monica Wheelock

Senior Accounting Manager

My favorite ParksCast episode is Season 2 Episode 10. I frequently see groups of people practicing tai chi in parks around Austin (special shoutout to the Tanglewood Park crew!), but I have never participated myself.

It is fascinating to learn about the mental and physical aspects of martial arts, and also to hear Vince Cobalis describe the energy that gets from the trees around him when he practices. I also love Grant's enthusiasm during the conversation - it's so cool to listen to Austinites from different generations and different backgrounds talk to one another and learn from one another!

Listen to the Austin ParksCast on your favorite podcast platform!

The Austin ParksCast is on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor and many more. We're excited to bring you Season 3 episodes starting in mid-February 2022!