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Shipe Park, located in Hyde Park, is the heart and soul of one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. Nestled between Ave F and 45th Street, the park offers a creek, tennis courts, swimming pool, playground, basketball court and an historic Log Cabin.

But Shipe Park needs attention. Thank you for your monetary contribution to help restore Shipe Park to its peak condition! Your donation will be used on current projects to restore the Log Cabin, build a new swing set area, create a new picnic area in the shade, preserve the Heritage trees, rebuild the playground and improve the landscaping. THANK YOU!

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Austin Parks Foundation’s Sponsored Fund Accounts (SFA), allow Adopt-A-Park groups to fundraise for their park by joining into an agreement with APF. Funds raised can be designated for a particular park project.

  • Funds are held by Austin Parks Foundation, removing the need for your group to register as a 501(c)3 non-profit, or set up a bank account
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  • Many grants require an organization to be a registered non-profit. APF can be the applicant on some grant applications, removing this barrier

We currently hold accounts for over 50 groups and you can click here for a full list of accounts.

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