Adopt-A-Park – Rosewood Neighborhood Park

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It’s National Volunteer Month! This April, we’re celebrating all of our fantastic volunteers, and shining a special spotlight on the newest Adopt-A-Park group: Rosewood Neighborhood Park. Daniel Thomas and Anthony Jackson have hit the ground running with various park activations at Rosewood Neighborhood Park. In March, they hosted volunteers for a park cleanup and offered sports activities for kids.

Daniel and Anthony grew up in the Rosewood Neighborhood and remain active in the community today. 

Daniel owns Anything’s Baked Potato, a food truck located just up the street from Rosewood Neighborhood Park. Anthony runs We Can Now, a non-profit organization that helps individuals receive essential items such as food, water and more. 

As they continue to settle in as adopters of Rosewood Neighborhood Park, Daniel and Anthony plan to host activations in the park more regularly. In March, they were able to plan an Easter egg hunt within the park and are working to add an event in May. 

To find community events at Rosewood Neighborhood Park and other parks, check out our GivePulse.

What is the Adopt-A-Park Program?

With Austin’s nearly 400 parks, trails and green spaces, it’s challenging to ensure that each space gets the attention it deserves. This is where the Adopt-A-Park program comes in. The goal of the Adopt-A-Park program is to build community pride and ownership around every neighborhood park in Austin. The success of our parks system depends on the support, assistance, advocacy and enthusiasm of the public in protecting our beloved green spaces. 

In collaboration with Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD), APF’s Adopt-A-Park program helps citizens like YOU become those stewards for your neighborhood parks!

Adopt-A-Park Helps Build Community

The notion of adopting a park may sound like a tall task – don’t worry; you won’t be going it alone! APF and PARD will help you to become community representatives for the park. 

It all starts with building community around your park! 

Park Adopters often organize volunteer events to make park improvements through events like It’s My Park Day and ongoing work days year-round. But more importantly, Park Adopters play a huge role in community building simply by encouraging others to enjoy their local parks!  

One Park Adopter, Jennifer Potter-Miller with Friends of Patterson Park, shared why she joined the Adopt-A-Park program: “I wanted my family to have long-term relationships and connections with our neighbors – to be part of a true community.” 

How Does APF Support Adopt-A-Park Groups?

APF provides resources to our Park Adopters, like access to our tool warehouse, volunteer project and park activation leadership support, educational opportunities like our Parks Summit and access to park funding opportunities like ACL Music Festival Grants and APF Design Services

Which Parks are available to adopt?

There are 74 parks adopted and 106 unadopted! For information on adoptable parks, contact the APF Programs team at