Amplify Austin’s Green Space: District 5

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Outdoor fitness equipment is amplifying Joslin Park

This year for Amplify Austin, our city’s 24-hour giving frenzy, we’re highlighting the breadth of our work. We’ll share stories of projects from each district throughout the month of February so you can see how we’re Amplifying a green space near you!

Today, we’re showing off how your gifts have Amplified Joslin Park.

South Austin’s Joslin Park received a community grant from APF in 2016

With health risks such as diabetes, arthritis, and heart problems on the rise, having accessible fitness equipment is important. Joslin park’s new outdoor gym allows community residents to get outside, and stay healthy. At the same time, these additions bring many generations to the park. Now, both children and adults can stay active.

Our Chief Missions Officer, Ladye Anne Wofford, says “Our investment will provide an opportunity for parents to get a workout while they are watching their children play on the playscape.”

Through a collaboration between Friends of Joslin Park and Go! Austin/Vamos! Austin, and funding from Austin Parks Foundation’s grants program, this project is encouraging park use and an active lifestyle – which are both essential to our mission. By improving this space, we are improving Austin as a whole.

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