Amplify Austin’s Green Space: District 10

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Austin Parks Foundation amplifies D10

This year for Amplify Austin, our city’s 24-hour giving frenzy, we’re highlighting the breadth of our work. We’ll share stories of projects from each district throughout the month of February so you can see how we’re Amplifying a green space near you!

Today, we’re showing off how your gifts Amplify Mayfield Park.

Landscaping updates have been completed at Mayfield Park

Known for the peacocks that wander its grounds, Mayfield Park and Preserve is an Austin staple. In order to keep this park thriving, Austin Parks Foundation funded a landscaping project, through our grants program. A grant like this is able to fund projects that are essential to the park’s ecosystem.

These landscaping project will also help with the long-term rock wall repair. The historic wall was built by the Mayfield Gutsch family in the 1930s, but the foundation is crumbling. According to the Mayfield Park Community Project‘s website, “That these gentlemen were, at least in the beginning, more hobbyist rather than professional masons can be seen in the recurring and perhaps serendipitous wave style of rock laying and the before its time deterioration of the walls’ structural mortar.” In order to fully repair the wall, vegetation surrounding the wall needed some maintenance.

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