Amplify Austin’s Green Space: District 4

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Austin Parks Foundation Amplifies District 4

This year for Amplify Austin, our city’s 24-hour giving frenzy, we’re highlighting the breadth of our work. We’ll share stories of projects from each district throughout the month of February so you can see how we’re Amplifying a green space near you!

Today, we’re showing off how your gifts have Amplified North Acres Greenbelt.

Neighborhood grant helps amplify North Acres Greenbelt

If you’ve been to North Acres Greenbelt recently, you might have noticed some new trash cans. Thanks to a grant from APF, these new additions will help control the clutter and keep up the cleanliness of the park and creek.

Heritage Hill- Woodbridge Neighborhood Association has adopted North Acres park through the Adopt-a-Park program and also adopted the section of Little Walnut Creek, which runs through North Acres Park, through the Adopt-a-Creek program.

“We host park work days approximately 4 times per year,” said the neighborhood association. “Our goal as park adopters is to keep North Acres Park natural and beautiful.”

A group of neighbors got input from a cross section of the neighborhood, as well as held an open meeting to gather input. The majority of people were in favor of more trash cans to cut down on the litter in the park, and make it a usable place for neighbors on both sides of the creek. Additional information was gathered from children who attend Hart Elementary school at a R.E.A.D. (Rundberg Educational Advancement District) civil forum. Students expressed that they don’t like seeing trash as they walk near their apartments and across the bridge to school each day.

“Our neighborhood association hopes this grant will be the start to more park improvements which lead to increased use of the park by neighbors for positive purposes,” the neighborhood association said.

About North Acres

Located in North Austin, North Acres Greenbelt is a small green space enveloping a section of Little Walnut Creek. While it’s just Southeast of the larger Gus Garcia District Park, this park stands out on its own. With access to the creek, the views this space gives can’t be beat. Next time you’re at the park, make sure to throw away your trash, and go a step further by picking up any litter you see, continuing to amplify North Acres!

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