And A Berm Disappears

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Something historic happened today, we removed much of the berm that was surrounding the central Auction Oak. We had recently done some root zone mapping to see if there were roots in the berm and there were only a few, so today, the low stone wall was pulled apart, the dirt in the berm scooped up and hauled over to another downtown park, Sir Swante Palm Park, where we using it to fill in the site of an old tennis court, (We figured that the least we could do is recycle!) Here’s a few photos of the berms coming out.

And if you want to help spread the soil (and some mulch) at Palm Park (corner of SB frontage of I-35 and 3rd Street), one block from Red River, we’ll be out there from at least 9 am to noon Friday, Sept 5th and we’ll be happy to hand you a shovel or a rake. We have about 10 truckloads of soil to spread! Ask for Charlie.

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