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Grant applied toward new kiosk, benches and educational signage at Goat Cave Karst Preserve

 Goat Cave Karst Preserve, a 9 acre preserve in Southwest Austin, may look like just another backyard greenbelt, but it is actually home to an intricate cave system. Save Barton Creek Association applied and was awarded a community grant from our ACL Music Festival Grants Program back in 2015 for $8,860. This went toward the installation of a new kiosk, benches and educational signage. Save Barton Creek Association is a nonprofit citizen group that is committed to preserving the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer. They work to ensure that the watersheds are protected so that Barton Springs can be enjoyed by future generations.

Karsts – which are fissures, caves, and sinkholes that are formed over time as water erodes the soft limestone –  dot the preserve along a foot-worn trail that connects the preserve’s four caves: Wade Sink, Hideout Sink, Goat Cave and Maple Run. Because this preserve sits atop the Edwards Aquifer, water from these caves can end up in Barton Springs, or as drinking water for central Texas. Goat cave is also home to many different animals, including salamanders, scorpions, and spiders. There was even a goat down there at one point, which is how Goat Cave got its name!

While people are encouraged to come out and walk the trail, make sure to leave the dogs at home, and stay out of the caves. Exploring the caves is prohibited unless on a guided tour led by Austin Nature Center or Underground Texas Grotto.

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