The Parks Tour

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It’s Taylor’s world, we’re all just living in it!

By now, you’ve heard about—or seen—that Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour hit theaters over the weekend. Of course, this is after The Eras Tour took NFL stadiums by storm earlier this year. With the box office hit, we thought we’d share our Austin Parks as Taylor Swift Eras series again.

…Are you ready for It?


This park encapsulates the essence of Taylor’s first album. Pease District Park is the perfect spot for all ages to get lost in their imagination and dreams. 

Wooldridge Square Park. There’s no place better to dance in the rain than at this pavilion.

Speak Now:

Drop everything and wander around Sparky Park! Located at an old substation building, this park sparks imagination and learning.


The peacocks at Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve know about paparazzi all too well. Admire these gorgeous birds from a distance as you get lost in nature. 


Welcome to…Austin! The Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail is the perfect spot to admire the skyline, get fresh air and be one with the city.


Snakes, wildlife and dino pits, OH MY! Austin Nature and Science Center has a reputation for FUN.


What’s more romantic than a hike that overlooks the city and Lake Austin? Covert Park at Mt. Bonnell is the perfect place to slow down and enjoy the views.


Escape to Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park and want no more. This park offers a quiet space to frolic, explore and relax!


Venture to Emma Long Metropolitan Park for a day, or week! This park offers camping steps from Lake Austin. You can truly become one with nature.


Enjoy a night on the town with a side of nature. Shoal Creek Greenbelt offers the best of both worlds with views of a bejeweled downtown skyline.

We hope you’ll soak up the Daylight and enjoy these parks!