Tree Work at Country Club Creek Trail

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Austin Parks Foundation is funding tree work along the Country Club Creek Trail, running from Kreig Fields at Guerrero-Colorado River Park south to the trailhead at S. Lakeshore and Pleasant Valley Road. We’ve hired Carl Brockman of Natural Texas to use his forestry mower to remove invasive (non-native) trees – especially Chinaberry – as well as some bamboo and a great deal of fallen trees, brush and more. The Forestry Mower cuts down trees and grinds them up into mulch on the spot, greatly reducing the amount of work it would to take to the same job with volunteers working with Parks dept staff to cut, haul, stack, chip and mulch areas. Work began on Monday, Jan 7 and will continue for up to three weeks. We beleive that this effort will reduce the amount of illegal dumping at the park, open up areas for native plants and grasses to regenerate and give some of the amazingly big cottonwood trees that we’ve uncovered room to grow.

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