12 days of Copperfield (Nature Trail)

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  • On the twelve days of Copperfield, our greenbelt gave to thee…

    Twelve Trail Markers
    Eleven Group Meetings
    Ten Shropshire cleanups
    Nine Trail Workdays
    Eight rolls of landscape cloth
    Seven bottles of Ivy Block
    Six illegal pot plants
    Five steroid shots! (for the ivy rash)
    Four tons of litter
    Three trail tours
    Two car doors
    And a pile of clothing under a cedar tree!

    Happy Holidays!
    From the Copperfield Nature Trails Group

    Join the Austin Parks Foundation, the Copperfield Nature Trails group and the Central Texas Trail Tamers on Jan 19 from 9 am for 1 pm the Copperfields Nature Trail Park of the Month workday.

    Please sign up here

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