Seed Balls 101: Beginners Guide to Making Seed Balls

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Hey there!

COVID-19 has changed how we do things, and your safety is our priority. Please keep social distancing best practices in mind if you choose to visit parks, trails and green spaces. Thanks, y'all!

Seed balls, also known as seed bombs, are one of our favorite ways to bring some color to our volunteer projects. They are an easy way to plant native flowers because the seeds are "pre-planted" since they are covered in soil and compost.

The seeds are kept safe until they’re ready to germinate on their own, making it easier for us to “plant” them without worry. They’re also a convenient way for kids, guerrilla gardeners and people with achy backs to bring life to open green spaces like your backyard!

Please be aware that planting seeds in public spaces such as parks requires coordination with Austin Parks Foundation and/or Austin Parks and Recreation Department.

Below is a video so you can see how it’s done, but we’ve also included advice from our Volunteer Manager, Barry Rivera, and his favorite recipe. Happy planting!

How to Make Your Own Seed Balls

We got a seed ball recipe for you! Here's what supplies you’ll need:



Sowing or Throwing Seed Balls

While you can carefully place the seed balls over the area, we find it’s more fun to gently toss them one at a time. This gives you a much more natural dispersal too! Remember - don’t bury them, and don’t water them. You’ve done your job, just sit back and leave the rest to Mother Nature!


Love Nature? We Could Use Your Help!

If you like eco-crafts like making seed balls, we could use your help in the parks! Join us during our First Saturday volunteer opportunities, many of which include essential care for trees in public spaces across Austin.

We hope you have a ton of fun making and sowing your seed balls. If you end up using these tips, share your family's seed ball activity with us on social media! Give us a follow and tag us in your photos: