Project Playback: Building Connections on the Copperfield Nature Trails

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The Friends of Copperfield Nature Trails (FCNT) is a volunteer-based community of friendly neighbors who care and are dedicated to improving the Copperfield Neighborhood in Northeast Austin. FCNT focuses on improving the Copperfield Nature Trails with general maintenance, clean ups and much more. It’s groups like these that keep Austin parks alive and well, and Austin Parks Foundation is proud to partner with them.

“Ultimately, we’re really just a bunch of friendly neighbors. We bump into each other on morning or evening walks, we see each other on the way to work, we chat at the park, and we have some nice clean up after parties. We’re really all just a group of neighbors just trying to do what we can to make our neighborhood a nicer place for ourselves and everyone who chooses to visit, which is why we’re the Friends of Copperfield Nature Trails.”

- Friends of Copperfield Nature Trails (FCNT)

Austin Parks Foundation Partners with FCNT to Improve the Copperfield Nature Trails

In 2007, FCNT identified the Blakeney entrance as an important part of making the nature trails more accessible. They applied and were awarded their first Austin City Limits Music Festival Grant from Austin Parks Foundation to improve the entry way. With the $6,523 awarded, they were able to add sidewalks, build fencing and clear brush to improve accessibility of the trail.

In 2013, FCNT partners with APF for the second time to add park benches and take care of oak trees on the trail. 4 years later, APF helped fund the installation of a new bench as well as the restoration of two existing benches. The benches freshens up the area and gives guests the opportunity to sit and enjoy nature. Both of these projects were made possible by Austin Parks Foundation's Neighborhood Grants.


Installing the new bench at the improved Blakeney entrance to the nature trails.


Volunteers work to improve the trails during It's My Park Day in 2014.

Bridging the Gap: New Walk Way Improves Safety and Health of Natural Elements

In our latest partnership, FCNT was awarded $5,000 to repair a failing water crossing. They were able to complete a new bridge that improves the safety of the trail, allows for native plants to thrive and for the water to flow unimpeded. The project was completed August 2019.

With the help of PARD and APF, the Friends of Copperfield Nature Trails were able to accomplish these projects and more for their neck of the woods. We're proud to help community groups enhance their neighborhoods by improving their beloved parks, trails and green spaces.


Before - Water Crossing


After - New Bridge

"Seeing the newly built bridge and looking down at the old rickety plank we were using to cross the creek made me realize just how big of an improvement the new bridge is and how much better it is for trail users."

- Deana Dossey, Friends of Copperfield Nature Trail

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