Neighborhood Eggsploration: An Easter Scavenger Hunt

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Hey y'all! Though the city’s parks may be closed for Easter weekend, there are still some great ways to have fun without leaving your neighborhood! Be sure to check out our Eggstravaganza at a Distance and Bunnies On Parade blogs for more Easter fun!

So, how can we make the most of Easter weekend while sheltering in place? How about a Neighborhood Eggsploration! It’s the perfect combination of the popular Teddy Bear Hunts and the traditional Easter egg hunt.

Coordinating with your neighbors is essential to a successful social distancing scavenger hunt. Send them a text or give them a call to see who’s on board, then make an official list of houses. A shareable document like Google Docs could be helpful!

Here’s how it works: Each participating house will place Easter themed items in their windows or yard, visible from the sidewalk or street. Kids will walk around the neighborhood, hunt for the items and keep score on paper or with a phone.

Here are a few ideas to help you set up an Neighborhood Eggsploration of your own:

1. Hide the Easter Bunny in the yard

Place a bunny in the yard! Other Easter decorations and stuffed animals like teddy bears work great too.  We’d love to see the really good hiding spots out there!

2. Let’s get crafty, y'all

Whether a coloring sheet or an original design, have your kids craft how they like! Then, place the masterpieces in a window or doorway visible from the sidewalk or street. Check out our Eggstravaganza at a Distance blog for art and crafting ideas when sheltering in place.

3. Wear a costume (any costume)

This one is for the dedicated! Adults can dress up and be an official item on the scavenger hunt. Kids can join in on the fun by wearing a costume while walking through the neighborhood. You could even dress in your Sunday best (don’t tell the kids this was our idea)!

4. (Try to) Bake something sweet

Many of us will not be able to buy candy or other Easter sweets, so let's get creative! We'll be using what we've already got in the kitchen, so we'll aim for something that doesn't require a lot of ingredients. Check out this easy sugar cookies recipe as a good example.

Then, you can decorate your baked treats with whatever you've got around. A little food coloring, sprinkles, chocolate chips, cinnamon or brown sugar could do the trick!

5. Video call the whole family

Get some family members or friends on a video call before heading out on the scavenger hunt. Don't forget to include the grandparents, the more the merrier!

6. Add more fun things to the list

Add more items to the scavenger hunt to keep things interesting! Think about any unique parts of your neighborhood you could add to the list. Here are a few ideas:

  • A real life rabbit
  • Birds nest
  • House with a Texas flag
  • Wacky mailbox
  • Dog in the yard
  • Cat in the window
  • Bluebonnets
  • A mural or statue
  • A blue car
  • A pink car
  • A yellow car
  • A squirrel
You're ready for your Easter Neighborhood Eggsploration!

You’re on your way to a super fun Easter scavenger hunt! The important part is to have some fun while keeping our families safe. We can all do our part by sheltering in place this Easter weekend. We’d love to see how your scavenger hunts turn out, so please share by tagging us on social media!

Photo credit:

1. Neighborhood aerial photo by Tom Rumble on Unsplash

2. Stuffed bunny photo by Jennifer Chen on Unsplash

3. Sugar cookie photo by Stephanie on Allrecipes