The Challenge

Austin ranks 37th in how well we meet residents' need for parks

Austin can do better

While Austin appears at the top of almost every “best of” list, ParkScore by the Trust for Public Lands ranked Austin 43rd out of the 100 most populous U.S. cities for how well we meet residents’ need for parks. When compared to other cities, we shine in the amount of dedicated parkland we have. But when it comes to ensuring that all Austinites have access to green spaces, and that we are investing and maintaining them, we fall incredibly short. At APF, we feel a critical responsibility to invest in, and maintain, our parks for future generations.

We believe our public parkland should be preserved and maintained. We believe all Austinites, regardless of where they live, have the right to safe, accessible parks. We believe access to free recreation will make our city healthy and vibrant for years to come. And we believe that citizens should be able to actively come together to improve their parks, and in turn their neighborhoods.

To learn about how we’ll tackle this challenge over the next three years, check out our 2021 - 2023 Strategic Plan below!

Our Commitment to Parks Equity

At APF we understand we have an important role to play in the long term sustainability of the city’s parks, trails and green spaces. The need for greater diversity both within the organization and through our projects and programs, as well as the importance on focusing efforts on equity and access to great parks for every Austinite is embedded within our work.

That's why our current strategic plan identifies supporting parks in historically underserved neighborhoods, by working with communities to address their needs and investing appropriate resources, as one of our overarching goals. Our parks are not immune from the racist policies and segregation of Austin's past and present. We aim to help change Austin's future.

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