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As the anchor of our ACL Music Festival Grants Program, Community Grants are intended for large, community-initiated park improvement projects that fall between $5,000 to $50,000. Check out our Impact Grant for larger projects, or our Neighborhood Grants for smaller projects. These grants are offered twice a year with a grant period of 12 months, and are awarded through a competitive process.

Potential applicants should attend a grants info session before applying. When you are ready to apply, please click the button below to access the application.


Past Grantees


Q: What types of projects are funded?
A: Community Grants fund projects on land owned and managed by the City of Austin Parks & Recreation Department, and support physical improvements to parks, such as playground equipment, shade structures, trails, habitat restoration, picnic tables, ADA-accessibility and more.
Q: What types of projects are preferable?

A: Preference will be given to projects that

  • encourage community participation
  • fill a need not otherwise being met in the neighborhood
  • encourage positive use of the park have broad community support
  • include a strong matching component, including volunteer labor, in-kind contributions, and a substantial cash match from new/recent fundraising
Q: Who should apply?
A: Adopt-A-Park groups, neighborhood associations and other park stakeholder groups are welcome to apply.
Q: When should we apply?
A: All potential applicants are strongly encouraged to attend a grants information class prior to applying (check our calendar page for upcoming sessions). Applications are accepted April 30 and September 30 each year. APF staff is available to pre-screen applications one month in advance of the deadlines.

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