Advocacy Update: Help Us Protect Austin’s Parkland

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Hey there!

COVID-19 has changed how we do things, and your safety is our priority. Please keep social distancing best practices in mind if you choose to visit parks, trails and green spaces. Thanks, y'all!

As many of you know, Austin Parks Foundation (APF) has been working with our City Council allies and other advocates to ensure Austin’s land-use and development code (LDC) revisions do not undo rules and regulations that benefit our parks system. While City Council voted to amend the LDC and weaken Austin’s Parkland Dedication Ordinance, this vote was undone by a recent court ruling - essentially erasing the LDC votes City Council has taken up to this point.

This is great news for Austin’s parks! Austin’s Parkland Dedication Ordinance is key to ensuring development pays for itself by increasing and improving Austin’s park assets. As more users visit our parks, trails and green spaces, a strong Parkland Dedication Ordinance maintains our parks’ level of service for all residents.

With the threat of an inadequate Parkland Dedication Ordinance off the table, APF’s advocacy eyes now turn to the City’s budgeting process. The economic fallout from COVID-19 will surely impact the City’s budget, and in turn, could put parks at a disadvantage yet again.

Austin's Parks System Budget Has Been Cut in Hard Economic Times

Historically, parks have been a favorite for cuts in hard economic times. However, when times are good, these cuts are rarely restored. This means APF will need to work even harder to ensure the Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) receives appropriate funding to maintain Austin’s world-class parks system. We need you on our side when the budget process kicks off this Summer.

Stay up to date with our and join our park advocacy email list. This monthly email includes a recap of our work on behalf of the parks, as well as how you can help. Your voice will be critical to making sure our parks get the funding they deserve. Will you join us in standing up for Austin’s parks?