Support Increased PARD Staffing in our City Budget

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Austin Parks Foundation and other outdoor organizations are sensitive to the nature of this budget year being tight and have respectfully limited our PARD budget ask to the most pressing, equity-centered and community-supported needs. Like in years past, PARD’s most pressing need for the FY25 budget is adequate staffing to maintain parks, recreational and cultural centers, and pools. We ask …

2021 City Budget Season: Help Us Advocate for Increased Parks Funding

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Each year during the City of Austin’s budgeting process, Austin Parks Foundation works to ensure our cherished green spaces get the funding they deserve. In partnership with park advocates, volunteers and other green space organizations we have proven that when we speak up for our parks as a collective, City Council listens! This year, we are asking for $6,900,000 in …

How Your Vote Can Help Austin’s Trails and Clean Transportation in 2020

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On August 13th, Austin City Council took a historic step to expand Austin’s trail system. CM Paige Ellis led City Council to add a $460 million safe mobility bond to the ballot in November! Included in this bond is the single largest contribution to Austin’s trails system in history, with $80 million dedicated to building out Austin’s Tier 1 Urban …

Austin City Council’s 2019-20 Budget: A Big Win for the Parks

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On Tuesday, September 10, the Austin City Council formally adopted a budget for the City’s upcoming fiscal year beginning on October 1st. The budget process, which kicks off in earnest with community engagement in the spring and the release of the City Manager’s proposed budget in early August, saw significant increases for parks from beginning to end. Why is that, …

What’s Going On With Parks Funding and the City Budget?

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Each August, City Hall watchers are treated to City Council returning from recess and beginning arguably their most important task. What’s that, you might be asking yourself?  The answer is crafting and adopting the upcoming fiscal year’s budget. Early each August, the City Manager presents to City Council and the public their proposed budget. This stage is both the culmination …

Taking Care of What We’ve Got: Important Maintenance in Austin’s Parks

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Memorial Day is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for picnics in the park, hanging by the pool, and all the outdoor fun that summer brings. To have all of that fun though, our parks and pools need to be taken care of. A perfect example is the Barton Creek Greenbelt, an Austin favorite, that will be …

HB 2 & SB 2 Are Bad For Austin’s Parks, Trails and Green Spaces

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Simply put, House Bill 2 & Senate Bill 2 (or HB 2 & SB 2) are bad news for Austin’s public parks. In exchange for small property tax relief for homeowners estimated at a few dollars per month, municipalities will face a budgetary crisis. The bill will cause an out-sized negative impact towards their ability to provide services central to …

Community Budget Forums: Austin Parks Need Your Help!

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Our parks and Austin Parks Foundation need your help! The City of Austin’s annual budget process is kicking off with a series of community budget forums hosted by City Commissions throughout March. Commissioners will hear what’s important to the public, and how we’d like to see funding prioritized in next year’s city budget. They will then incorporate the feedback into recommendations …

grateful for Austin

Feeling Grateful for a Great Year for Austin’s Parks

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2018 proved to be a great year for parks advocacy! Park advocates and APF Board and staff worked hard on issues like the 2018 bond development and election, Austin’s annual budget, raising the profile of parks issues for City Council candidates, and more. In the spirit of gratitude and giving thanks – here’s a look back at all we were …