Park Pollinators: Meet Kathleen Mannello

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Our tagline is people + parks, and we take that to heart. We know the people we work with, both inside and outside the office, are what make this organization successful, and we’re proud of the team we’ve put together. Each of us is committed to making Austin’s parks, trails and green spaces great for each and every Austinite. Read up on this month’s featured APF staff member, and stay tuned for more throughout the year!

Name: Kathleen Mannello


Community Engagement Manager

What She Does:

Kathleen heads up It’s My Park Day, the Adopt-A-Park program and summit, as well as our community outreach.

Time at APF:

2 months

Favorite park:

Dottie Jordan on the east side in University Hills. It’s my neighborhood park, so I go there a lot with my family, but it’s also a hidden gem in Austin. There’s beautiful, mature trees, running trails, shaded swimming pools and play scapes, tennis courts, creek beaches to explore, tons of wildlife, plus an awesome rec center and community garden maintained by folks in the neighborhood.


Favorite thing about being on the APF Staff:

Austin Parks Foundation promotes health, beauty and positive change in every part of the city. Because we are committed to parks throughout the entire city of Austin, we can make an impact, even in small ways, with impressive reach.

Favorite park memory:

The times I’ve taken each of my children to the park for the first time are my favorite memories. Seeing the joy on their faces during their first swing ride or watching them explore trees, rocks and plants with a new kind of independence were truly priceless experiences.

Fun Fact:

I once appeared on HGTV’s Curb Appeal! I painted a mural on the side of a historic brownstone in Washington, DC, and now I know for sure that being a television personality is not my calling.


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